About us

Lift with assistance

Delivery of goods, especially to a certain floor in a building, is a really difficult and often dangerous endeavor.

With our polyvalent park, we provide mobile elevators that enable easy and safe transfer of your furniture and other household appliances from the 1st up to the 9th floor.

With our service, this venture turns into an easy and pleasant undertaking for you. With this service you get professional support from our team, for safe and expeditious transfer of your furniture and appliances.
Our elevators and teams are available daily for all clients: private persons, furniture salons, as well as companies for kitchen production and installation, bathroom installers and general contractors.
All you have to do is contact us tel. 071 881 805.

Price list

Rent / hour

2 150 denar

Assistance / person

600 denar

Complete move

on request